Sunday, August 9, 2009

US Go Congress (3 of 3)

The congress finished yesterday. I lost on Thursday (by only about 10 points). I did my best but still lost. Later on Thursday, Ramon and I got our books signed by Takemiya. On Friday, I won my game, partly because of Maeda's sabaki lessions. Going into Saturday, I was 4-1. My game was against another 9k that was also 4-1. I did not do so well in the opening, but took the lead near the end of the middle game. Then, on the very next move, I did not notice that my opponent's move thretened to undo what I had just done. My next move (and one later move) caused me to lose by over 80 points. My opponent in this game placed second in our band (11k - 9k) and I did not place.

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