Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Corn Maze 2

It is now officially a tradition.  Our bible study group went to a corn maze for the second year in a row. Last year was my first corn maze ever.

Once again, someone recorded our progress via GPS.

This year, we went to the corn maze at Schuster's Farm.  The maze comes in two phases.  The first phase begins and ends in the bottom right corner.  The second phase begins and ends right above the "Ronald McDonald House" logo.

They give you a full map and 10 quiz questions.  There are 10 posts at forks in the path within the maze.  Answering the quiz question correct tells you which way to go.  I was also guiding us by looking at the full map during all of phase one and the beginning of phase two.  Then someone suggested that we try it without looking at the full map.  We soon got lost in the middle of the maze by going in a circle.

We continued to not use the full map until we were in the bottom-left corner.  At this point, I was completely confused about where we were supposed to go next.  I feel like the single blue circle in that area does not correctly reflect how lost I thought we were.  Since the group wanted to be done soon, we decided to look at the full map again.  I could not figure out where we were, but someone did and they quickly got us back on track.  From here, we continued using the full map and headed straight for the exit.

I liked last year's maze better.  Recall that last year, the game was that they give you (part of) the map and you need to get to certain checkpoints (where you get more of the map).  Even with the map, it was very difficult to know where you were.

Once again, I am excited to go to a corn maze next year.