Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Best Movie Line I have Ever Written

When going out to eat Shannon says that she does not like when the waiter/waitress says "Hello, my name is John/Jane and I will be taking care of you today." She does not like the "taking care" part because its too broad. As if your response should be, "Awesome, because I have this knot in my back. Would you take care of that for me?" Instead, she prefers it if they should say "I will be serving you today" or "I will be your server today".

Well, inspired by the original line that annoys Shannon, I came up with a great movie line - the best movie line that I have ever written. It would be in a movie about the mob and it goes like this:
[A man with the appearance of a waiter walks up to the table of a notorious mobster.]

Hello, my name is Big Fat Paulie and I will be taking care of you today......*pop*..*pop*

[Big Fat Paulie successfully executes the hit by shooting through the menu he was holding with his silenced pistol.]

Now all I need is a movie to go with my line :/

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