Wednesday, August 5, 2009

US Go Congress (2 of 3)

I was expecting to blog more about my trip, but we do not have much free time.

Today is Wednesday, the day off. There have been three days of events so far. I won my first two games and lost my last one. I won my first two games by a comfortable margin because I killed a big group in each game. I lost my last game but only by about 13 points. I am playing as a 9K and all of these games have been against 8Ks, although every game has used 7.5 komi.

We have been going to Ryo Maeda's lectures. He is a Japeneese 6P. Ramon got a game reviewed by Yilun Yang (a 7P) and we also went to part of one of his lectures. Ramon showed me some books by Yang and I really like them. Yesterday, Masaki Takemiya (a 9P) arrived and we saw him twice. Ramon and I both plan to get his autograph in a book by him.

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