Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Should be an Unecessary Service

My Acer Aspire One stopped working recently, so I began the process to send it to Acer for fixing. It is strictly a hardware problem, so everything on my hard drive should be fine. However, Acer's documentation says that they will clear the hard drive and return it to its factory state. I do not have any important data on there that is not already backed upped by Dropbox, so that is not my concern. I just do not want to have to reconfigure my system if I do not have to.

I wanted to call Acer and tell them that if the hardware problem was not with the hard drive (which it is not), then I would appreciate it if they would not mess with my hard drive. Well, to do this, I first need a phone number, something that has alluded me to this point of the troubleshooting process. I decided to Google "Acer tech support phone number"....and I was extremely supprised by the first hit.

The first hit is a website called Contact Help. The service provided by this site is "fact access to customer service numbers". Now, I know that every company tries to suggest alternative ways to solve your problem other than calling them. However, when companies make it so difficult find their phone number that a service like Contact Help is required, they have gone too far.


  1. You advertise dropbox so much, i'm surprised you're not working there!

  2. It is a great service, so I let other people know about it ;)