Sunday, May 30, 2010

Church Volunteer

I was a volunteer in church today partly because I sat in the front row and partly because the pastor has spoken to me before and thought that I would do a good job.

I uploaded the section of the sermon in which I am volunteering to YouTube (see below). Pastor Tim did not tell me what I would be doing for him, so all of my actions are solely based on his verbal cues. If you listen closely, when he tells me that I am going to be Jesus, you can hear me respond with "That's a good role."

If you want to see the whole service, you can find it at the website of Blackhawk Church. The sermon is called "Forgiving Myself" and is in the series called "Forgiveness".

Anyway, here it is...


  1. Hey, it's Allie from UW - I didn't know you went to Blackhawk! I went once just to check it out, since it was right down the road. Isn't that a bit far for you to be going?

  2. It is far away; at least a 20 minute drive. However, the travel is worth going to such a good church.