Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Wells Fargo Secret about Cash Advances

I previously revealed a secret about Wells Fargo's overdraft protection. The crux of the secret is that any transfer from a credit card to savings or checking account is called a "cash advance" and costs an extremely high interest rate. Well, here is something else that everyone should now about cash advances at Wells Fargo.

Like the story of my previously revealed secret, this one starts with a mistake of my own. After being paid today, I initiated a transfer of funds to begin the bill pay process. I meant to transfer all of the money that I would need to pay off my credit card and other bills to my checking account (from my savings account). Instead, I transferred all of this money to my credit card.

"Well crap," I thought, but this should not be a big deal. I should be able to cancel the transaction because it is only pending; it has not actually happened yet. No dice. Not me nor "anyone" at Wells Fargo can do anything for me until the transaction has "posted" (according to a Wells Fargo customer service agent). Ok, time for plan B. Since my credit card balance is negative, I should be able to transfer that "negative" money to my checking account without the penalties associated with a cash advance because I am not advancing any cash. I only want to advance cash that already exists...no advancing going on...right? NO, NOT RIGHT!!!!
I am very unhappy with Wells Fargo at this point. I even have another story in the queue that I am refraining from telling until I know how it will end! In the span of four months, I have had four "issues" with Wells Fargo. This is completely unacceptable. How can Wells Fargo expect to keep my business if they keep giving me a reason to leave every month?!

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