Thursday, September 23, 2010

US Bank Fail

I previously blogged about my problems with Wells Fargo. Well, for those and other reasons, I have created accounts at US Bank. I have yet to shift over to using US Bank full time (or even at all), but they are already testing my patience.

Since I rarely login to my US Bank account, I could not remember my the answer to one of my security questions. (At least that means it was a good question...even I can't figure it.)

The important text is the following.
Please contact us at 877-202-0043 for assistance.

I called this number, waited for a banker, and then finally got to speak to one. I told them that I was locked out of my account.

Now, try to guess what happened next.

The banker told me:
Ok. Let me forward your call to the department that can help you.

WHAT?!?! Your website knows exactly why I am calling. I should have been given the number that directly allows me to speak with the department that can help me.

US Bank Fail (#1...)

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