Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Problems Traveling

I have only been on three trips requiring plane flights and they all happened within the last 13 months. I have heard horror stories about flying (i.e. delayed/canceled flights or long security lines) and now I have such a story.

Yesterday I got back from my second trip this summer to Princeton University. My flight from Madison (MSN) to Newark International Airport (EWR) took me through Milwaukee (MKE).

My flight from MKE to EWR was delayed by an hour because there was too much air traffic at EWR. This did not actually slow me down any because I was going to have to wait an hour for the train from EWR to Princeton...although I made it to the train without a minute to spare!

My flight from MKE to MSN was canceled due to mechanical failure (better on the ground than in the air, huh?). Actually, it was probably not our plane with the mechanical problem. I am guessing that another flight took our plane because their designation was much further away. Since MKE is so close to MSN, we were bussed there. Because of this, my number of actual plane flights is odd. That is probably quite unique given that I have only ever purchased round-trip tickets.

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