Thursday, July 30, 2009

Embarrassing Moments: Contacts

Sometimes when I am putting my contacts in or out, I am on autopilot and make some stupid mistakes. I think it is because my bathroom routine is boring and I do it so often.

Sometimes in the morning, I will open my contact case and proceed to dump out my contacts and contact solution into the sink. Oops, forgot to put my contacts in first. Sometimes at night, I will fill my contact case with solution, somehow get distracted, then proceed to dump the new contact solution into the though it is morning and I just finished putting in my contacts. However, both of these are peanuts compared to what I did yesterday.

I had put my contacts in earlier in the day to do some yard work and put off doing my other bathroom tasks until after I showered. After shaving and brushing my teeth, my habit is to do my contacts next. I open up my contact case, which was empty (of course). Now I must have filled it up with contact solution without thinking about (since it was empty...that is what I do when it is empty...because that means that I am taking my contacts out). Now I began looking for my contacts in the case, but (of course) they were not there. I concluded that I must have thrown them in the sink like I have done before. I had become distracted by something and had been using the water, so I would have washed them away. So, I went and got two new contacts and put them in. Immediately I complained that things were blurry, especially close up. I did not realize what I had done about four hours later when I took my contacts out in preparation for bed.

My prescription level is only -1.00 for both eyes, so my vision is not that bad. I think that most people would not have made this mistake because it is much more obvious when they do and do not have their contacts in since their vision is much worse.

I tried to salvage the new contacts, but the inside that is supposed to touching my eyeball was probably damaged by being in contact with the outside of the other contact...because I put one of the new contacts in and it did not feel good. In the end, I threw both away and will have to break out another new pair today :(

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