Friday, September 11, 2009

Car Accidents

I am 22 (almost 23) years old. I lived in Sioux City, IA (population ~80K) for 17 years, I lived in Ames, IA (population ~50K) for 4 years, and I lived in Cedar Rapids, IA (population ~125K), Rochester, MN (population ~95K), and White Bear Lake, MN (population ~25K) for a summer each. Never, in all these cities in all those years, do I ever remember even hearing a car accident happen.

I am now living in Madison, WI (population ~225K) since August 17th (that is less than four weeks) and I have already heard three car accidents happen...and all of them have happened within 100 feet of my apartment building.

What gives? Is it because Madison has such a larger population (i.e. more drivers = more opportunities for accidents)? Is it because I live on a bottle neck in downtown Madison (Gorham is the best way to get from NE Madison to SW Madison)? Is it because Wisconsinites are such bad drivers (which indirectly implies that Iowans are good drivers)?

I do not know, but I will be SO pissed if some Wisconsinite hits my Prius!


  1. #1: You also lived in the WB for this past summer.
    #2: Wisconsinites are the WORST drivers in this country. Ever.
    #3: I think in your last sentence you mean "pissed". Not quite sure what "pisted" is.

  2. Ok, changes made based on #1 and #3.